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  • Mistah Islah

Women's Aid features Mistah Islah in "All Men" Campaign

Domestic abuse. Sexual harassment. Objectification. Coercive control. Rape. Murder. Devastatingly, these are some of the everyday realities of sexism and misogyny that many women face. A reality that has been going on for far too long. We hear of these stories every day. We are in constant remembrance of women we have lost to male violence, and those who have been and continue to be affected by it. We know that not all men commit violence against women and girls, but all men must be part of the solution.

🔊 All men can help lead change.

🔊 All men can show by example

🔊 All men can reflect on their ideas and beliefs

🔊 All men can call out sexism when they see it

🔊 All men can challenge themselves and others to do better

🔊 All men can bring up their boys to respect women and girls as equals

🔊 All men can question attitudes towards equality

🔊 All men can stop discriminating

🔊 All men can stand up against harassment and objectification

🔊 All men can stop making excuses Women and girls should be safe inside and outside their home, and everyone can play a part in building a world where that is possible. Don't be a bystander ➡️ Be an upstander

"Proud to be a part of this video for @womens_aid a bunch of us got together to call all men to stand up against violence towards women.

With everything that has happened this year including #SarahEverard, #BibaaHenry, #NicoleSmallman and more recently #SabinaNessa, the message in this video is important. Please take a moment to watch & share 🤲🏼" - Mistah Islah

This video features:

Ian Bartholomew himself (Geoff Metcalfe in Coronation Street) | Lee Boardman (Coronation Street, Rome) | Bill Ward (Coronation Street) | Don Gilet (EastEnders) | Tim McInnerney (Black Adder, Game of Thrones) | Toby Alexander-Smith (EastEnders and Women’s Aid Ambassador) | Joseph Millson (Holby City, The Last Kingdom) | Patrick Robinson (Casualty, Strictly) | Jim Carter (Downton Abbey) | Wade Briggs (Still Star-Crossed) | Mark Bonnar (Shetland, Line of Duty) | David Yipp (The Chinese Detective) | and Jason Watkins (Nativity, The Crown)

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