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Women's Aid 'All Men' Campaign Featured in The Sun Newspaper

The success of this brilliant campaign has reached The Sun newspaper, here's what Islah had to say about it:

"Our campaign is featuring in @thesun newspaper today! Teaming up with @womens_aid calling All Men to stand up against violence on women โœŠ๐Ÿผ

With everything that's happened this year, especially with Sarah Everard and more recently Sabina Nessa, this campaign means a lot to me (thank you to my buddie @c_a_sherwood for getting me involved)

Sabina Nessa was a British Bangladeshi Muslim woman murdered in an area I used to be in all the time living in South London. It really hit me, what if that were a woman in my family?

No woman should feel physically unsafe in her marriage, her household, her workplace, or walking the streets alone. All men have a responsibility to speak out against any form of violence towards women. As a Muslim, we're supposed to treat and respect women as if they were Queens."

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