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The Princes Trust Invites Mistah Islah to Staff Meeting to Educate Them About Eid

After the latest episode of 'The Halalians' goes viral, Mistah Islah was invited by The Princes Trust to talk about the underlying message in this comedy skit.

The comedy short shows the awkward conversation a Muslim employee has to have with his non-Muslim employer about booking the day off for Eid but not knowing what day it may fall on because of the lunar calendar.

Mistah Islah explained to all the staff that this has happened to him several times in the past in his old jobs and that it was due to the lack of knowledge of their Muslim employees. The staff meeting ended on a positive note to encourage the workforce to learn about the holy festival.

The video has gone viral on several platforms and pages, sitting above a few million all together!

Mistah Islah then created a part two for the Eid that follows a couple months later:

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