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From Corner Shop to Chicken Shop! Mistah Islah in #ManLikeMobeen

The Award Winning BBC Three series by comedy genius Guz Khan has just arrived for you to binge watch, and comes with a cheeky little surprise cameo from everybody's favourite shopkeeper!

Mistah Islah went from Corner Shop's Malik to Small Heath's 'Zaki' and took to his social media to post the announcement which was made by his Agency.

"The secrets out! Pleasure to be re-united on screen w/ my bhai @guzkhanofficial My 1st @bbcthree role! All Praise Be To The Most High! ⁣ P.s. ⁣ I auditioned for this a day after coming out of hospital with kidney stones, I was supposed to memorise 4 pages & 2 characters. I only managed to do 1 page & 1 character! In the end, the scripts changed so the roles were no longer available. But my agent rang & said I gave a good impression & they wanted me for a completely new role instead! So my fellow Actors - anything is possible! Huge thank u to @tigeraspectuk & the hard working team!" - Mistah Islah

This isn't the first time that Man Like Malik met Man Like Mobeen!

In 2015, Guz Khan appeared in Episode 9 of Corner Shop Show as the Asian-Jamaican Postman, and the two exchanged a hilarious conversation! Great to see the two share the screen again 5 years later!

Man Like Mobeen is available to watch on BBC iPlayer now!

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