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Mistah Islah's Co-Directing Debut for Channel 4's 'Brad Boyz'

Photography by Josh Dryden

Director Stu Richard's discovered Mistah Islah online for his YouTube work with Mandem On The Wall & Corner Shop Show, what was supposed to be an audition for a role in the brand new pilot series "Brad Boyz" turned out to be an even better opportunity as Co-Director for the project! With his experience producing comedy, Islah worked closely with all the actors on set alongside production company Rockerdale Studios.

Brad Boyz is set in Bradford, UK, based around 4 friends who have transitioned to the next level in their lives as college students reputedly split along racial lines begin college together. The question is, can you be mates with someone whose ancestors murdered your ancestors?

You can check out some behind the scenes images below!

The pilot episode is available to watch and stream on demand via All4 or on YouTube

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