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Mistah Islah Officially Part of The Men In Black Universe

Mistah Islah dons the same black suit and uniform worn by Hollywood Stars Will Smith & Tommy Lee Jones! Well, not literally, get it!

Mistah Islah debuts as Agent C in the 'MIB International' Universe with "Thor: Ragnorok" stars Chris Hemsworth & Tessa Thompson in these hilarious commercials sponsored by Lexus as they almost break the 4th wall.

The 3 Lexus commercials were directed by James Bond's Daniel Kleinman and his production company Rattlick Stick which also featured 'Game Of Thrones' Lucy Aarden

You can watch both commercials on Mistah Islah's YouTube channel or on Lexus Europe's YouTube channel in the links below:

Men In Black is in theatres now and out on Digital Download, Blu Ray & DVD September 3rd!

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