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Mistah Islah Joins GoodVibesOnlyTalent Agency!

Good Vibes Only Talent has officially signed up Mistah Islah in their agency! Here's what Islah had to say:

"Story time: In the industry I'm in, it's common to get screwed over. We end up having trust issues, friends become non-friends & this story in particular is about 'Management'. I've had 4 different managers in the past who have sold me dreams only to take credit & a % for the hard work I do on my own & not bring me any jobs.

The majority of what I've achieved has been off my own back & the true friends who have given me a helping hand along the way (you know who you are) but it came to a point I needed a Manager to work WITH me on my growth.

I've got an amazing Acting agent (shout out to @simonhowassociates) and a PR manager (shout out to @wearemediahive) but today I'm proud to announce I'm now a part of the @goodvibesonlytalent family! A talent manager who understands what I've been through & is on my level 🎉

All Praise Be To The Most High 👑"

Find out more on the official website:

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