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'Make Me Famous' Available to Watch on BBC iPlayer!

The BBC Three drama is focused around Billy ('Grantchester' & 'UnREAL' star Tom Brittney), a former reality TV contestant on the roads of fame, promoting protein powder and scattering around for an audience and followers as the next series’ have been casted. After a shameful one night stand (with Eastenders star Tilly Keeper) goes all over the world wide web, we see his life go downhill. Billy is held together by his Mother ('Sherlock' star Amanda Abbington) and his fellow co-star/former love interest ('Once Upon a Time in Wonderland' star Emma Rigby), who has successfully developed her exit of the series into a well paid career.

Billy does his best to try and financially keep his boat sailing. His talent manager Gary (BBC's Enterprice star Trieve Blackwood-Cambridge)keeps trying to push him in directions to make money but Billy faces personal struggles and can't imitate what his former flame has done. Garydecides to let him go and takes on a new client which really grinds Billy's nerves. Faced with no options, he revisits his old work place bumping into former colleague Imran ('Man Like Mobeen' and 'Corner Shop' star Islah Abdur-Rahman) and his former boss Cas ('This is The Winter' star Daniel-John Williams)

As the film poetically cuts back and forth between the present day and Billy's casting tape / audition with Kelly ('Collete' star Ayisha Hart) and Stephanie ('Five Days' and 'Love Actually' star Nina Sosanya) we see how different Billy's life and attitude is from his ambitious intentions to get famous and the reality of the side effects he experiences afterwards.

Regi Yates has used the power of his pen to write a very important film exploring the issues surrounding mental health of 'regular people' turned celebrity influencers. The film showcases how we as a community are responsible for how we are using the accessible yet invasive world of social media,

With a stellar cast, this movie really hits the nail on the head with issues of cyber bullying, depression and suicide.

This film really shows off the talent of debut director Peter King and his fellow partner in crime, the DOP David Procter getting the best out of a tight 9 day shoot!



Tom Brittney

Amanda Abbington

Aiysha Hart

Emma Rigby

Nina Sosanya

Tilly Keeper

Islah Abdur-Rahman

Sam Baker-Jones

Trieve Blackwood-Cambridge

Daniel-John Williams

Sophie Wise

Darryl Foster

Ellis Witter

Georgia Hughes

Jordan Wilks

Produced by Margaret Conway and Expectation Entertainment

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