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I was fortunate enough to be invited by Media Hive to join the press tour for Disney's Aladdin! I got to watch the movie a couple weeks before it was released and hit my first stop...interview with Mena Massoud aka Aladdin! We're practically the same age, felt like I was just chatting to a friend! Discovered that he loves to Belly dance! LOL


"I hope it gives inspiration to, not only aspiring Artists, but everybody else. Growing up I never had that (actors of similar ethnicity) so I hope we can do that for people"

-Mena Massoud

This may sound very minor, but I asked to take a photo with him and the Disney execs asked me to crouch next to his chair (so he wouldn't have to get up and also there was equipment above our heads that they didn't want us to hit accidentally) and Mena turned around and said "Let me crouch next to you" ... to me that showed humbleness. I've done press junkets before and no Actor has ever got off their chair just to crouch and be on the same level as the interviewer. Props to you Mena, you're a proper cool guy!


Next stop was the London Premiere with the cast & crew on the red carpet! This was packed with fans and press, and I loved that they had an Arabian carpet instead of the typical red one! I dunno about you guys but I feel like I look pretty tall here (don't give me nazar)


So...first to enter the premiere was none other than...Will Smith the genie! Growing up as a kid, like everyone, I was a huge Will Smith fan. Fresh Prince of Bel Air was and still is my inspiration for a lot of things as an actor and filmmaker. Seeing Will in the flesh for the first time was a childhood dream! I just about caught him before security took him away and caught this selfie!

After all those childhood memories and all the things I dreamed to say to him, in the moment, all that came out my mouth was - "I love you"

SERIOUSLY?! I love you?! Could I be any more embarrassing?! Luckily he didn't even hear me and got moved away by security. So then...I got a ticket to go inside the theatre (even though I'd already seen the movie) and as I was leaving early, I bumped into a him a second time! This time, I didn't wanna make a fool of myself. So I asked for another selfie and composed myself to say:

"Hey Will, I'm an actor and I just wanna say you're one of my heroes man"

To which he said:

"Aw thanks man! Keep doin you! Just keep doin you!"

I was so excited I rang my Mum to tell her the news to which she said:

"Come home. And buy milk on the way"


The following week was a private screening arranged by Media Hive for influencers and press, so I was obviously invited a 3rd time! Bumped into a bunch of my friends there and new faces too, even though i'd seen the film already it was still great to watch it again of course!

And finally...I got to host and introduce the movie in Cineworld Birmingham!


Huge shout out to Media Hive and Walt Disney Studios for making this all happen! Aladdin is in theatres now!

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