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When the invite landed in my e-mail I was jumping in my PJ's in excitement, Media Hive sure know how to host a classy event!  Welcomed by the Media Hive team at the entrance, being escorted with our fancy name badges to a really cool lobby with welcome drinks and this flowery media board! Talk about inventive huh?! Also, how relevant is it that it was all in partnership with The Asian Awards? The Annual event which celebrates the successes and achievements of Pan Asians globally We spent time networking with a bunch of like minded creatives and  industry officials.

"Crazy Rich Asians" is everything a rom-com is supposed to be, but so much more. Coming from a Bangladeshi background and having  loads of friends who are Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai etc. I was already familiar with the cultures and practises that Crazy Rich Asians did not fail to showcase. Through out the film I felt proud, to see a Hollywood movie  with an all Asian cast. It didn't look or feel 'cheesy', it wasn't like seeing a Bollywood film but with Chinese characters. It honestly felt completely new but familiar at the same time.  Jon M Chu is genius in his direction, every shot was clearly thought out and composed to showcase the rich colours and details. He clearly had to make something our communities could be proud of - and he nailed it! The story was very relatable, even if you're not Chinese, every Asian family can relate to this story being told. It was so cleverly stitched together, making me laugh out loud one minute and tugging on my heart strings the next! I wasn't was eyes, leaking.

Constance Wu gave a very moving performance, she was a perfect fit for the lead role. It was my first time seeing her outside of Fresh Off The Boat. It was so strange watching her not be a 'Mum' character with a slight accent.

Michelle Yeoh was just dope. I've watched her in so many Martial Art movies that she would definitely scare the shit out of me if she was my Mum.

Henry Golding has definitely set the bar high making it harder for Asian boyfriends out there to spoil their Mrs. Thanks for that buddie (Y)

Awkwafina - my favourite character by far! You always need the token comedic friend in a romcom. Hilarious!

Sadly, no Lucy Liu or Kelly Hu cameos...which was a bummer cause I've had a crush on both of them since I was a kid...*violins playing in the background*

but Ken Jeong? ...well...when I got home, this happened:

Night, MADE!


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