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'Corner Shop', 'Badman' & 'Bubblegum' Officially Exist in The Same Universe!

A collaboration that was destined to happen!

A small Easter Egg way back in 2015 in "Corner Shop Episode 7 - Eid Mubarak" teasing a reference to "Humza's Dad" has finally given everyone what they wanted 4 years later!

Humza (and his Dad!) makes his first cameo in Corner Shop's last Episode & Feature Film "Corner Shop: Thank You, Come Again" and there are plans to incorporate our Corner Shop characters Malik & Tony into both Bubblegum & Badman (Season 2)

'Badman' is the viral web series created by Humza Arshad (Humza Productions), with over 436k+ YouTube subscribers, 'Badman' was developed as a more serious take on its predecessor 'Diary of a Badman'. The comedy drama follows Humza's journey as a young British Asian Muslim based in London, finding himself in situations that get him in a lot of trouble

'Bubblegum' is another web series that launched as a spin off of 'Diary of a Badman' that follows the journey of Humza's Dad in his local business - 'Bubblegum'. The shows humour can be compared to shows such as 'Family Guy' & 'South Park'

You can find out how the 3 shows are linked when they all make their return on YouTube together. The exciting part is, Corner Shop can still live on after it's final Episode but in the world of Badman & Bubblegum!

This is like our very own YouTube Marvel Universe! What shall we call it...?

Any suggestions?


Let us know in the comments below!

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